Was Ludacris Wedding A Conspiracy Theory?!


It’s not even a week shy of Chris “Luda” Bridges wedding to long term girlfriend, Eudoxie and people are questioning their motives of a “quickie wedding”.  Then it was revealed that the couple got engaged and married all on the same day.  For some this was just an eager couple, who didn’t need an over the top ceremony to prove their love, a real romantic gesture. But, for Ludacris’ baby mother Tamika Fuller has her own conspiracy theory on the rush wedding.

She feels like the couple was in a rush to jump the broom so that they can prove they are more stable than Fuller, and ultimately gain sole custody of their daughter and to avoid dropping 7,000 a month in child support.   TMZ is reporting the following statement:

We’re told Luda’s baby mama, Tamika Fuller, thinks Luda wants to show the judge in their custody fight that he now has a stable, loving household … more conducive to child-rearing than the home of single mom Tamika. She fears a Georgia judge could actually buy what Luda’s selling.


Now, as much as I don’t want to take away from Eudoxie because this woman has been through the ringer with loving a rapper. She had to watch a man she dedicated years to, have a baby by another woman and I am sure she desires to have children with him. But these allegations does not seem far fetched, I have little sympathy if Ludicrous is seeking custody for any other reason other wanting to provide a better, safer life for his daughter. If not, cough up that money…………..you have it! babymova

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