I am overjoyed for what God is bringing to fruition! I have learned a long time ago that patience is KEY and anything I set my mind to do………..I will do! It is my dream to revamp my whole brand and look of my website. For almost ten years, I have been doing this singlehandedly and now I know that I have to trust God and the right people to help me convey my message. And that is okay with me, so I will not be posting while I continue to make this website great. When you see it again, it will be beautiful and offer all of the new products I have to share with my Poets. Thank you for your support and I can’t wait to share with you all in the summer of 2017!

Don’t forget about your POET and continue to follow my craziness on my social media sites!
Until me meet again my loves
I am completely in love with all of you


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