Trina Braxton Is Officially Divorced (Video: Sneak Preview Of BFV)

trinagabeWhen have watched for year the ups and downs of Trina Braxton’s marriage to Gabe Solis.  We have watched this couple struggle with infidelity on both sides, financial issues, and co parenting two boys who are not Gabe’s biological children.  On the family’s highly view docu series, The Braxton’s Family’s Values we have watched Trina struggle with ending or maintaining their vows……HELL, these two seemed to exist to break up to make up.

According to, Trina Braxton first filed for divorce from her husband in 2013 after scandalous allegations that he cheated with a trans-gendered woman.  Gabe admitted afterward that he had a sex addiction, not confirming his wife’s accusations.  I knew Tamar had good reason to pressure Trina for leaving Gabe!  Trina later dismissed her original divorce filing after Gabe challenged the divorce because he wanted to make his marriage work.

The couple even presented a united front on the reality show as they renewed there vows, but the party ended in October 2014 when Trina.  As of April 16, 2015, the two are officially divorce.

We are not going to have long to wait for the details because The Braxtons Family Values debuts on May 21 on WETV.  And, but the looks of it…………it’s explosive and even momma Evelyn is telling her daughter to go for the jugular in her divorce proceedings.  We will stay tuned!

Check out the clip!


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