TLC Uses Kickstarter to Fund Their Final Album?!


TLC is known for their out the box tactics in their artistry, but this takes the cake! It looks like the celebrities are asking their fans to fund their final album. I have so many questions and opinions on this one? My initial reactions was how the hell are they going to ask fans to fund the album AND support it once it drops? That is a lot. We are talking about two celebrities, who live above the normal class, so they are willing to take from the common folks to fund their dreams? Let me give you there justification,

We’ve always been known to do things differently,” says T-Boz. “We’ve always been trailblazers and trendsetters. We’ve always been outspoken, and this seems like the perfect opportunity.”

Chilli and T-Boz have already started the writing and production phase of their fifth album, with a May release followed by a tour.

The money raised will go towards funding the recording process including; studio time, production, compensating the musicians and promoting the album.  It seems like the group is already prepared for some backlash about the campaign assuming the group wouldn’t need to raise money to make the album happen:

“People may say, ‘Hey, you are celebrities. Why can’t you just pay for it yourself?’” Chilli said. “But it doesn’t work that way. There’s a lot that goes into it. We want to bring our fans into the process and see how it’s done.”

Donations start at $5, if you support you will receive an exclusive digital track and communicate with them during their recording process. Pricier pledges will include VIP concert tickets, a recorded custom voicemail by T-Boz and Chilli, an in-person fitness class taught by Chilli and wardrobe pieces worn by TLC during their music videos.tlc2

Chilli says using Kickstarter will give the group more control over the direction of the album.

“We could knock out two birds with one stone,” Chilli said. “We can have them involved in our album. Then also, we can have control over everything. That’s a perfect combination.”

The group has raised 59,000 on their first campaign day. I will be watching this story.

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