Poetic Fix? Original Poem by Poet Danielle Kinsey: FEET DANGLING

It has been sometime since I wrote a personal poem…………..and posted it! My inspiration behind this poem was after a total, emotional breakdown. I picked up my pen and this came out!

Have your foot ever dangled off the LEDGE, entertaining the thought of letting go? You then attempt to maneuver your body backwards to secure both feet on solid ground. On the quest to stand upright, your eyes fixate on the sky and in that moment……
You begin to remember where your help comes from. The sweet aroma of your faith jogs your memory. You remember the EXPERIENCE. You remember the DRY PLACES. You remember the VICTORY. The interruption in your peace becomes bearable and you begin to feel the SHIFT. Your DISCONNECTION becomes healing because you hear ONE voice, the same voice you thought was silenced…..never to return. You found the GOD within yourself once again……
But wait

Hold up
Hold on….what….wait

Am I slipping again?
I can’t get a good footing on this floor
I try to get a firm grasp on anything in my reach
But objects are pulling away
The harder I work to stay upright
I faster I spiral downward
My ambition is in vain
Now my body lies in isolation
I hear the thump of my heartbeat
It’s the intense sense of terror
My mind tells me to run, but my physical body does the complete opposite
I’m paralyzed, as if some force is holding me captive
I go to scream your name because I can actually see you trying to reach me
Nothing escapes from my lips
Have you every been prisoned to your own body and prayers was the only thing you could articulate through your mind
So, I scream without a voice
I punch without a swing
I refuse to give up and die without a fight
The moment I get weary, I stop and BEG for all mercy
Like salvation, I’m released
I can move again
I swallow before speaking…..
Then, I live
Always ready to fight
Ready to trust
Ready to forgive
Ready to learn
Ready to share
Ready to surrender…..to the truth
Mother God
Father God
I summit to you

I thank everyone who read my art
I love you all

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