A Couple’s Infertility Announcements Gone Viral!

infertility1I am a sucker for infertility stories because of my own experience with the DEMON for seven years! I have been blessed to conceive (I actually got a chance to mother through adoption, a successful IVF cycle, and eventually naturally!). Some women NEVER get to their desire destination, so I wanted to share this cute story that has gone viral. It depicts a young couple using humor to cope with the devastating emotions of infertility.
The couple at the center of all of this is Spencer and Whitney Blake, who struggled to conceive for four years. To help others in the same situation, the Nampa, Idaho-based couple created tongue-in-cheek infertility announcements on their blog, parodying the pregnancy ones seen on Face book and Instagram. “Humor has always been one of our coping mechanisms,” Spencer tells US Weekly Magazine.infertility2
Their spoofs have since been shared hundreds of thousands of times. One split image features a shot of a beaming Whitney standing in front of a BUMP AHEAD sign with both hands on her belly; in the other she looks distraught in front of a DEAD END sign.
The Good Morning Idaho news anchor and his wife, both 30, were diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” in 2011 after undergoing numerous tests and procedures. “The sorrow of infertility was absolutely crushing,” Whitney tell Us. “It used to be such a consuming part of my life….Between the daily doctors’ appointments, kits, pills, drugs and tests…between other people’s baby showers and pregnancy announcements…it’s kind of hard to forget, even when you’re trying not to dwell.” infertility3
Adding insult to injury: Whitney had to deal with insensitive — and unsolicited — advice. “Comments that were dismissive often hurt the most. Statements prefaced by ‘at least’ or ‘maybe you should’ were very grating,” she admits. “It always meant so much to us when someone would reach out and say, ‘I’m sorry you have had to go through this.’”
But the Blakes’ story has a happy ending. The pair adopted their first son in 2012 and another boy in 2014. The brothers are now ages 4 and 2. “There are times that I literally marvel that I get to be their mommy,” gushes Whitney. “Sometimes when I’m reading them stories all cuddled up on the couch, or when I’m kissing their cheeks as I tuck them in at night, I think, ‘There was a time when I didn’t think I could have this moment.’” infertility4
I am so happy this story met a happy ending. If you have not read about my inspiring story with overcoming infertility, just click the Amazon link on my blog’s homepage! Journey to Destiny Traveling Through Infertility!

Nicki Minaj Gets Slap With A Lawsuit From Ex Boyfriend?! He Claims She ABUSED Him??????

nickiexSafaree Samuels vowed to keep his breakup with Nicki Minaj civil and out the media………….until Meek and Nicki was Instagram flexing on Meek’s birthday! I guess he wanted that old thing back and he miss the life of luxury, let’s get into the details shall we?
Nicki Minaj fired off a string of angry tweets on Tuesday, May 10, after her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels allegedly filed a lawsuit against her claiming that she “physically & emotionally” abused him.
“Tweeted on the 5th that the 6th was my baby’s bday,” she wrote. “Celebrated on the 6th for his bday (publicly). Served w/a lawsuit on the 9th. lol.”
Samuels and Minaj dated for 12 years before pulling the plug on their relationship in 2014. Both have since said less-than-flattering things about one another to the press and both have said some really nice things about one another admitting their breakup was hard.
This time, Nicki was not with the bull crap and she aired her grievances on Twitter. “
You’d be surprised to know that there r ppl who actually die inside every time they catch a little glimpse of your happiness,” she wrote after a slew of tweets in celebration of her current boyfriend Meek Mill’s birthday. “N–gas get mad when they can’t come & live lavish wit u … #poorting I know it hurts.”nickimeekmoney
Nicki aired more dirty laundry stating that Samuels still calls her mother and that Nicki even agreed to help him out? She even went in farther to say it was not until Meek Mill asked Samuels personally to stop emailing Nicki with his “miss you” sentiments that he filed a lawsuit! I do think Samuels needs money and wants to exhort money from his famous ex. On one hand, I can understand his ambition to be compensated for his contribution to her life. If they were married legally (12 years is a long time) and she was the breadwinner, she would be entitled to pay him alimony. She even admitted in a documentary and radio interviews, that he was vital in her day to day dealings. It’s definitely a double standard because if the roles was switched; people would agree that Samuels should pay Nicki.
One the other hand, I’m screaming to Samuels…………..”Stop the bitchassness and get a job because you are able bodied”. MAN UP, you choose to love her for who she was opposed to the things her money could provide you (Or did you?!) Seriously, go write a book or get a reality series talking about your life post NICKI MINAJ and how you trying to establish a career of your own.


Blac Chyna Celebrates 28th Birthday With Sweet Gift From Rob Kardashian!

robandchynaRobert Kardashian knows how to pour on the romance thick!
Blac Chyna celebrated her 28th birthday AND the release of her ‘ChyMoji’ app last night in Hollywood (She is following in the business steps of future sister in law, Kim Kardashian and BFF Amber Rose).
Her baby daddy and soon-to-be-husband Rob Kardashian surprised his lady with 28 bouquets of flowers — each with a love note attached.
So, Chyna took to her Instragram account to share a photo of her surrounded with a mob of pink flowers. Robert took a page out of his brother in law Kanye’s book with extravagant flower arrangements, it’s cute! Check the picture out below!

Wayment….Church Finger Raised: Nationally- Known Pastor, Jamal Bryant Fathers A Secret Child?!

jamalcoverThis man (HYPROCITE) literally marched the streets of Baltimore in light of the Freddie Gray crisis and marched beside the mother of Trayvon Martin in honor of the young, black lives which was lost. He cared so passionately for the lives of these young men, all while neglecting his own YOUNG BLACK BOY! Yes, I said it…….he bribed the mother of his secret child all just to cover up his sin. The sin called fornication to be politically correct for the church folk. This man is no stranger to scandal, in 2013 the pastor of the mega church, Empowerment Temple A.M.E. Fell from grace with an extramarital affair that tore up his congregation and destroyed his marriage to Gizelle Bryant (Star of Bravo, Real Housewives of Potomac). Let me give you the details and fill in the blanks before I tell you how I really feel!
Let me be clear, all the documents seen on my page is from The Jasmine Brand website!
jamal 2jamal3jamal4
The woman behind these not so shocking revelations is LaToya Odom, who claims that the two had a secret sexual relationship, which resulted in them having a 2-year-old son named Joshua, according to Obnoxious TV. The woman alleges that Bryant wanted her to abort the baby, but she did not want to. She states that after having a DNA test, he agreed to pay child support. He only agreed to pay 1100.00, with the understanding that he wants NOTHING to do with little John Karston Bryant. Now come on Jamal. Your trifling ass live in a mansion and drive a luxury vehicle and she is suppose to support this young child off of one thousand dollars per month.. So, Jamal can live like a King admired by his beloved congregation, who affords him such a life of luxury……………and his son lives like a peasant?! This is a man of prestige taste so, ten thousand dollars of hush money seems a bit……….lowly or even degrading to all parties involved.
This man stands in the pulpit and lead thousands of people to Christ. He has publicly denounced homosexuality, murder, and police brutality; but his sins are overlooked consistently. I have a problem with a man speaking again other people’s actions, when he actually stands for sexual misconduct and murder. Many religions consider adultery and fornication as sexual misconduct. Abortion too many is considered murder and an abomination.
The sad part is that people will continue to endorse, support, and keep this man relevant. No real man of God would leave a child to be raised without a father. No real man of God would not at least humble himself and ask for forgiveness; showing respect to his flock.
Just SAD, as long as he can keep paying woman off; he will continue to live reckless. Check out the paternity test documentation below. Check out the picture of his son, John Karston Bryant below!

Happy Mother’s Day Poets: Open Letter To My Children On Mother’s Day! (For Troy, Destiny, & Tyler)

cropped-image_resized-e1452643403842.pngTroy, Destiny, and Tyler; you three are simply my greatest force of motivation and light. You three are the reason I am a constant student of life and self growth. You three have taught me to invest in self preservation and nurture, so that I might be able to teach you how to thrive in a world corrupted with self righteousness and materialistic ambitions. It’s a constant struggle to preserve your sweetness and innocence, yet give you reality because the truth is that this world is not as sweet as I try to give it to you. As your mother, I want to protect you from any and all harm. Troy, I want to protect your sensitivity because being a black male in this time can destroy that because walking down the street is a threat for you. Destiny, I want to strengthen your will to fight your way through life, but also allow you to explore the softer side that allow you to shower me with kisses every single day. Tyler, your little spirit wraps me up I this cocoon of mushiness everyday…..I never want that to change. The way you stuck my top lip as though you are still breastfeeding may come across a little disturbing to others, but it is my home. I pray when you three are older, you will understand every mistake I made trying to raise you the right way as I know it to be. I pray that Christ will always lead your behavior. I pray that you will allow education and your highest intellect guide most of your decisions. Although, I pray LOVE take president over everything. My only goal was to give you love, love deep enough to drown out any tribulation you might encounter. Love that will brighten your darkest night and stand with you at your highest triumph. I ask that you continue to use your patience to understand my craziness and always remember there is a method to mommy’s madness! I look forward to the newness of our future will bring and I thank you for your resilience as I make peace with my past. Every dream and aspiration comes after my responsibility to you. Every poem I write, blog I pen, video I record, and book I write is saturated with the love that you three give me on a daily basis. One day you all will understand every tear that falls as I pray for you, but until then……..we will have fun and continue through this life as a family unit.

poetry 013
poetry 009
poetry 008

New Video Alert: Janet Jackson in “Dammn Baby” (VIDEO)

janetdamnbabyJanet opens the video with her small voice and fierce catwalk, “I gotta hear me”! Her moves are settled, small, yet sensual. She serves us a sexy tease without going full force, probably because she was newly pregnant when they filmed the damn video! She did not disappoint, she gave us the usual shy, sexy, and fierce Janet topping it off with………….sweet! She gives us the catwalk and the head swings! Enjoy because it’s not like we won’t get the tour until 2018!

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne Split After 33 Plus Years?! (VIDEO)

ozzy divorceTalking about walking away from a lifetime of memories! While most of us in younger generations can’t keep a marriage alive for over five years…….this couple has called it quits after 3 decades together! This is sad and inspiring to be able to fight through life with a person that long!

I don’t think no one is alarmed by this news! Unbeknownst to me, I did not even know who Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne was prior to their reality show on MTV title, “Meet the Osbournes debuted in the early 2000’s. I remember looking with my mouth wide open thinking………….Why is this man talking this way?! Years of drug use has caused this man not to be able to articulate his speech; he literally talked as a mumble. I seriously don’t understand how Sharon dealt with the rock star behavior that plagued the life of her husband and even her children. At least two of them had issues with substance abuse. Well anyway, E! News is reporting the couple of over 33 years has split. E! News first reported that the couple reached a mutual agreement that the rocker would move out of their house temporarily, but noted that the split “has nothing to do with Ozzy’s sobriety.”
I doubt his lack of sobriety was not an issue, it just sounds good. The rocker last made a statement back in 2013 announcing his relapse
“For the last year and a half I have been drinking and taking drugs,” he wrote on Face book at the time. “I was in a very dark place and was an asshole to the people I love most, my family. However, I am happy to say that I am now 44 days sober. Just to set the record straight, Sharon and I are not divorcing. I am just trying to be a better person. I would like to apologize to Sharon, my family, my friends and my bandmates for my insane behavior during this period………and my fans. God Bless, Ozzy.”
Wow, at 68; I truly hope he can overcome his demons before they overpower him. Sharon is such a strong woman battling this disease, drug abuse affects the whole family and as women we take on the role of nurturing everyone. Look at a clip of the family’s reality show below!

The Osbournes Season 1 Episode 3 – For The Record from Matthew Gossin on Vimeo.

Michael Phelps Real Swimmers Are The REAL MVP! (I Play TOO Much)

michael phelps babyMichael Phelps is known to be an exceptional swimmer, but his real swimmers are proven to be the real MVP! Michael Phelps has welcomed a baby boy!
Phelps posted the picture Saturday welcoming Boomer Robert who was born Thursday night. You can also see Phelps’ fiancée Nicole Johnson in the background who Michael says was healthy and feeling good post-baby.
This comes with more exciting news as he has the Olympics coming up in just a few weeks.

This news comes as a complete turnaround from Michael’s last two DUI from last year and the “reported weed” use years prior (Don’t act like you never lit up!). I am happy Michael life is looking bright once more.

FYI: His mother was my seven grade health teacher at South West Academy Middle School in Baltimore County, who went on to become a principal and even published her own book……I wonder if she could help a sister get my blog and books popping ya’ll! But seriously, she was the sweetest teacher! Congrats on her becoming a grandmother!

The SAGA Continues………..Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Are Expecting A Baby!

chynapregnantRob Kardashian will continue his father’s legacy with a heir to the throne……….reality television throne, that is! One of my guilty indulgence is actually following the Kardashians and this season makes for great television. Rob Kardashian has come out of hiding with a BANG. Not only, did he propose to the family’s enemy…….he has knocked her up. Kardashian and Blac Chyna has managed to date, court, get engage, move in together, and get pregnant all in four months. Blac Chyna reality television ambitions are paying off because it’s reported that the two are in heavy negotiations (seven figures) with filming a show to capture the birth of the couple’s first child. Rob is the only one who can actually carry on the family’s famous name……Kardashian (Chyna hit the jackpot with this one)! This might be as big as the birth of Prince William and Kate’s children! Anyway, back to the insanity!

The couple posted an emoji of Blac Chyna in a neat, (And Pink) high bun cradling a huge baby bump. Although, his family have not publicly acknowledged the news, Tyga has posted a “Congratulations” on the Instagram post. He continues to take the high road and support his baby mother’s relationship with his own girlfriend’s brother…..WOW! So their son would be a brother/cousin to his new sibling……this is getting weird! Poor King is going to be confused! We will continue to follow the crazy. Currently, season 12 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs every Sunday on E! @9pm.

Girlfriend Chat Of The Day! Self Forgiveness Is Vital!

girlfriend chatHow could you ever trust yourself again after that terrible decision you made in falling in love with a married man? How could you ever forgive yourself for giving your children up because you wanted to “live life’? How could you ever forgive yourself for lying, just to get ahead? How could you ever forgive yourself for gossiping about a friend, just to make yourself feel superior? How could you ever forgive yourself for verbally lashing someone who is not emotionally stable as you are?
There is good news and an answer! It’s called compassionate self forgiveness…………it’s that easy. How the hell are you going to begin the process of self trust without it? How else can you move past this hurdle to get back to truly enjoying life again? It’s through giving your enough lenience to grow from your mistake.
Personally, one major hurdle of my adulthood was letting go of the God my mother gave me. I grew up in a Christian home, where my mother introduced me to a God who would sent you straight to hell if I sinned. Yes, I was taught the story of redemption and Jesus dying on the cross; but when you believe God is someone who will make your life miserable if you make a mistake………..how can you take comfort in the good part? Your childlike imagination only sees this big, bad wolf waiting for you to mess up so you can be chastised. This is not who Christ is and I did not learn that he was truly my friend until I could study for myself. It wasn’t until I could experience life, learning lessons through others and studying that my perception of Christ took a sweeter turn. If I never “messed up or sinned”, I would have never searched for the latter. And, that is how self forgiveness works. If you never messed up, you would never be vulnerable enough to adopt a new way of thinking and doing things. So, today I pray that your heart is lightened and you will be gentle with your own heart. You have to give yourself enough compassion and time to truly forgive your mistakes, so you can trust yourself to be an exceptional person again. Hell, if you don’t think you are worth a second chance……who else will? The truth is that you do deserve a second, third, and fourth chance to perfect yourself. You deserve to be loved pass your poor choices. You deserve to know that life can be a rich experience, despite what you have been taught or through. So, do it (FORGIVE YOURSELF) and work towards building a great future who wants to manifest your dreams.