Dedicated To My True Love, Troy! Our Journey Through Adoption!

mothersonMy son and I are journeying through our seventh year of adoption. His first few years were filled with sweet mush and the scent of baby lotion! It was not until a year ago, that that innocence was tainted. I told my son that he was adopted and we started feeling the first wave of turbulence on our expedition. No longer was this ride smooth or one sided. I was the only one bearing the burden of telling my son that he was adopted, I wished I could shelter him forever from this reality. Now, it was time to let him in on the secret that I forced deep into my conscious mind. Let’s get into the story!
I have been rehearsing the lines for years, probably since he was a baby. Quite honestly, I dreaded the day I had to tell my first true love that we were not biologically connected. We were connected through spirits and our souls. In my opinion, I felt more close to Troy then my two biological daughters. He is my soul mate, kindred spirits who had to exist together in this lifetime. My fear was that this would be disrupted once he knew the truth. Would he think that we were not really this dynamic mother/son duo? Would he love me any less? Would he want to know his biological mother and forget about me? I am actually tearing up writing this because these questions are still unanswered.
I initially wanted to wait until Troy was around ten to tell him about his adoption, but around his sixth birthday I had an intense urge to tell him. I tried to fight the urge because my children were already going through a divorce due to my marriage crumpling. It just did not seem fair to put all that on a six year old. Troy is intelligent and spiritually in tuned with his mother. The uncomfortable energy was getting too much to bear and we both felt it. I am so honest with my children about life because I have an unconventional approach to life.
It is not uncommon for me to sit Indian style with my children on the floor (or nature) as we exchange stories about our day. This day was different. We did not have family talk, but Troy was drawn to me like a moth to the light. It was as though he knew our lives would be forever changed, causing him to feel as though he had to cling to me. I never wanted his adoption to make him feel isolated or that he didn’t belong. He never have to fight for his rightful place, he always would be my first true, unconditional love. He taught me how to not give up on love even if your insecurities feel as though they’re smothering you. I was so paranoid to do adoption because I knew it would be challenging, but once I first locked eyes with Troy……………I knew that he was worth any price I had to pay regarding adoption. He was my son. I was his mother and I spent 25 years preparing for that very moment.

I grab his hand and led him into the room alone. As soon as I opened my mouth, tears started to flow. Troy squeezed my hand and said, “Mommy its okay, you can tell me anything”. Little did he know, he brought sheer comfort in an emotionally crippling moment. I opened my mouth and said………………………………………………..
Come back next week for part two!

Forgiveness Is Necessary!

Years ago, my mother said something to me that left me in complete anger. She told me that I had a problem with forgiveness, which caused me to throw people away like trash. Was she right? In my heart, I knew it was the truth. When people hurt my feelings or did the opposite of what I wanted them to do, I simply discarded them because they was no longer useful to my life. I know that sound harsh, but that was my certitude.
How dare my mother say such a statement?. At the time, I could not receive it because I was not ready to accept that I had real issues that not only harmed myself; but others. That immaturity caused me to be blinded to my shortcomings. Then, the relationship between my mother and I was strained, to say the least. I blamed her for a lot of my “FUCKEDUPNESS” and at the time I was in no position to take criticism from the person who I thought was responsible for my pain. Fast forward years later, three children, a divorce, independence like I never seen before, and falling in love again……………….FORGIVENESS has been my saving grace. It has single handedly been the end to my own suffering and bad energy. It does not come easy because this girl could hold a grudge………FOR YEARS! It allows me to forgive almost instantly, if I feel pained or hurt from someone’s words or actions. Even if I can not forgive in that very moment or shortly after, my heart is now conditioned to accept that no matter what……I will forgive. I did not have that clarity years before. Forgiveness causes me to now love my partner, even after I feel as though my heart has been broken (HEARTache ain’t no WHORE!). No matter what we go through, I come right back after cooling off because that is what unconditional love details. It is kind and patience. If you are a parent, you understand how your children can break your heart a million times over. I had to learn that unconditional love means to love my children even when they display the ugliest behaviours. I can not just love them when they make their mother look great! Forgiveness and love go hand in hand. Until you realize that, experiencing pure love is not possible. Even learning to love my mother as a perfect child of God, have been my pleasure. I choose to forgive everything I felt she failed to give me. I discovered she loved me perfectly and to the best of her ability. When I did that, I could finally remember all the wonderful things she did give me.
I say all of this to say…………………Forgiveness is necessary. If you want to evolve into a better version of yourself, it starts with forgiveness. Only the ability to forgive will help you make peace with your past and forgive everyone (or everything) that has caused you grief.
Choose forgiveness today!

Janet Jackson Comes Out Of Hiding! Is She Sporting A Bump?!

janet_jackson_frontIt looks like Penny has come out of hiding! Pictures of the 5o year old, geriatric mother has finally surfaced. Janet Jackson went in hiding last May after canceling her tour because she was “planning a family” with her husband. Rumors of surrogacy started to swirl because of the singer’s age, but those rumors have officially been shut DOWN. Entertainment Tonight (ET) has the exclusive new photos taken Tuesday afternoon, when she was spotted out and about in London with a visible baby bump. Jackson, who is rarely photographed in public, was seen leaving the baby furniture store Back In Action wearing sneakers, dark sweatpants, a black sweater and a matching scarf and headband.

She looks great and similar to an expectant mother. I must admit, that Janet is crazy for doing pregnancy at 50. Pregnancy is hard on any woman’s body, so I could imagine her gripe. I can say, I think it’s worth it, I’m pretty sure she is overjoyed to do something she thought was out the cards……………………for the second time! (SHADE) You know she has a thirty-something “love child” somewhere name “Katherine Debarge”!

The HIATUS Is Almost OVER! (New Projects Revealed)

cropped-image_resized-e1452643403842.pngPoets, I know that it has been a while since I have posted and believe ME…… I miss you guys so much. God has been doing some incredible things in my life and I had to lose somethings to GAIN more! As sad as I was to have to put the blog on hiatus (To quiet my mind, heart, and soul), God helped me to discover and acknowledge my faults. It was time to finally release the old ways of doing things, to see a new way of being) After, I was clear of those things God providing a healing that I am still in awe of. Forgivingness is a powerful tool! It helps to end your suffering and free yourself from unnecessary baggage from your past. Now, my future looks brighter than ever and I am so happy to be fully present in this moment…… MY MOMENT! I am grateful to experience new opportunities. I am working on my new greeting card line, Poetic Philosophy Greeting Card Company, LLC and an online radio show called SistaGirl Sessions with Danielle. I decided to turn my BLOG into a VLOG, providing you with footage and livestream of my new online, radio show. It will be a raw, energetic, fun, freeing, and just plain DOPE platform targeting African American women. It will be a space where we will relate to one another, evolve our thinking, and encourage one another! I will be guiding the conversation alongside my “girlfriends/cohosts” on everyday topics similar to my “Girlfriend Chat of The Day” blogs! I will be discussing everything from sex, soul evolution, relationships, politics, to entertainment/media! Please join me in these new adventures and we will keep this platform as a positive, loving space of sisterhood! I love you guys and believe me………..I’m cooking up something delicious!

See You Soon POETS!


Girlfriend Chat of The Day/Love Diaries: How Much Do You Suppose to Compromise In A Relationship?

girlfriend chatHow much is too much? Although, I believe it’s inevitable to never compromise, we must learn how to do it in a way that will strengthen our relationship. We must find the perfect blend of giving and taking in our interconnections. When it comes to compromising in a bond, I believe that small doses of it are ideal. An example of coming to a happy medium is sacrificing watching your favorite show to watch your spouse’s favorite (Thank God for On Demand!). Choosing to fix your partner’s best loved meal of steak & potatoes despite your intense craving for Mexican food is a reasonable bargain. I believe it is when you start compromising against your better judgment, is when you enter a dangerous zone. When you start making decisions to please your spouse, but hurt yourself; you only do an injustice to your well being and ultimately destroy the relationship. Every couple must learn the balance in the art of compromise to ensure that both parties are satisfied.
The give-and take in your affair should create positive results. I need you to walk with me through this example! You may not be the aggressor in the making love department of the relationship. Your partner has voluntarily taken the lead in this aspect of your relationship. A healthy way to COMPROMISE in this situation if you are not the aggressor is to make more advances in initiating sex. I don’t care if you only do it twice in a month, making the effort shows the regard you have for the relationship. If you have to gulp a glass of wine in two seconds, do it. Just make sure that before that alcoholic braveness wear off, you bring the freak out!

Compromising in a relationship is vital, but only in small doses PEOPLE. You should never go against what you believe is right to please anyone. It is healthy to push pass your comfort zone as long it ignites growth. I believe a healthy relationship serves both parties in a meaningful way, not just one party. If one person is always doing the heavy lifting to make sure the relationship is on solid ground, then it’s sinking fast. Each person should be working equally to meet the needs of the other so there will not be any resentment harbored. If a person have to take more than they give in a relationship, the only person they need to be in relationship with is themselves. It takes an aware person in knowing who they are, what they need, and their willingness to accommodate their partner.
So how much do you compromise in a relationship? Just think, small doses!

#Pray For Orlando (Celebrity VIDEO Demanding an END to Gun Violence)

pray for orlandoI am still lost for words at the reality that 50 people were slaughtered and even more injured because a coward felt entitled and “religiously justified” to take their lives. I fight back nausea and tears, wanting to purge the world of hypocrisy, violence, racism, and inequality. I am beyond sad and hate the fact that I have to even recap such a horrendous act of violence. Before I give the background, specifics, and new updates regarding the mass shooting in Orlando’s Nightclub Pulse; I dedicate this blog to every victim who lost their lives and their love ones.
A gay nightclub in Orlando was the scene early Sunday of the worst terror attack in U.S. history since 9/11. This is the deadliest, mass shooting in the United States to date.
Gunman Omar Mateen of Ft. Pierce, Florida opened fire inside Pulse nightclub where 300 members of the LGBT community were partying. According to the Daily News, the shooter was an abusive and homophobic menace that was investigated by the FBI (on more than one occasion) and pledged allegiance to ISIS right before his massacre, authorities and relatives said. Mateen’s family and the family of his ex wife has confirmed his abusive nature and enragement towards homosexuality; especially the sight of two men kissing one another. In 2011, he was divorce from his ex wife Sitora Yusufiy. She has shared intimate details about her marriage, stating that she would be beaten if he came home to chores being incomplete. Nydailynews. Com reported that
Mateen, 29, declared his devotion to ISIS in a 911 call shortly before killing his victims. In his final call, he also mentioned theTsarnaev brothers, who executed the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Mateen died in a gunfight with SWAT officers after the mass killing.
The story gets deeper, not only was this man devoted to the principles of ISIS; he was investigated multiple time by the FBI in reference to terrorism. This man was able to become a security guard with a firearm. It is beyond troubling that this man was no stranger to this country’s intelligence and was allowed employment to “PROTECT” people with a deadly weapon.
So many stories about the victims have surfaced online, but one captured my heart in a way only a mother could understand. Mina Justice is the mother of one of the victims killed in the massacre. Her son Eddie Justice took refuge in the bathroom of the night club. The text exchange between mother and son started at approximately 2:06 am, detailing the chilling reality of her son stranded in the bathroom. He tells his mother that he is in the club and that it was indeed shooting happening in there. He asks his mother for help and replies that he was witnessing people wounded in the very bathroom he was in. At 2:39am he told his mother he was going to die. At 2:49am he told his mother to hurry because the man was in there with them and he actually called the man a terror. A minute later, she received the last text from her son which said, ‘Yes”. It is assumed he was answering his mother question when she specifically asked if the man was in the bathroom with him. Tragically, Eddie knew his fate and now the whole world grieves this senseless hate crime.
As I end this post, still fighting tears and nausea; I want to spread the message of LOVE. NO one deserves to be killed because of their sexual preference, race, or religion. This level of inequality is inhumane and vile. Most importantly, God nature is positive and not evil. The fact that anyone would use religion or God as the root of hate towards anybody is WRONG.
I am going to work harder today to keep my smile and continue to use my little, ole platform to encourage love.
A website has been set up to list the names of the victims after their respective love ones have been notified. The website is

Post Divorce Goals! Find Out Where Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Celebrated Their Divorce! (VIDEO)

wizandamber2Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa celebrate their finalized divorce and settlement with a trip to the strip club……….ratchedness at its finest! I have to say that this former couple has to be commended on their post divorce relationship and “co-parenting”. You know they are still knocking boots! Let’s get into the details of the divorce via TMZ and
“According to their settlement, he has to pay Amber $644,000 to complete the $1 million he owes her based on their prenup. He’s also responsible for paying Amber $14,800 a month in child support for Sebastian — they both share legal and physical custody.
Wiz gets to keep a home in Pennsylvania and 10 cars.
Presumably to celebrate the legal end of their marriage, the ex-couple hit up Ace of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles — together.”
Amber is making the ex wife status look sweet with hand in hand outings and money! She has all the gold diggers looking for a quickie marriage!
Pictures and video courtesy of

Beyonce Named the CFDA Fashion Icon! Blue Ivy Steals the Show on Red Carpet!

beyjayblue1The red carpet of the CFDA Fashion Awards was finally simmering down from all the striking fashion before Queen Bey set a match with her sparkly, striped Givenchy suit. It was Blue Ivy who stole the show with waving her fingers towards the paparazzi urging them to stop taking photos! Jay-Z accompanied his wife and daughter to the show, without even dropping a hint she’d be attending! Jay-Z, daughter Blue Ivy, and her mom Tina Knowles sat front row to watch Mrs. Carter accept the award.
Miss Tina sat in the front row, sweetly wiping tears as her daughter’s acceptance speech honored her mother’s accomplishments and unselfish contribution to her own fashion sense. She spoke on how her mother worked tirelessly designing Destiny Child’s early costumes because the industry did not accommodate the curvaceous figures of the group members. She also told the audience how her mother hand sewed her prom dress, wedding dress, and Grammy’s ensembles. The humbleness that the superstar echoed for her mother was heartwarming, charming us with her southern roots! Check out the pictures! beyjayblue2

Poetry Fix: The Art of Womanhood! Spoken Word by Poet Danielle Q. Kinsey (VIDEO)

cropped-image_resized-e1452643403842.pngToday, I had the honor of sharing my poetry with Pastor Alfred Boddie & the beautiful ladies of Abundant Grace Baptist Church. It was their first Women’s Day and I am so happy to have made memories with this group of women. The name of my piece was, The Art of Womanhood! I just pray that someone was touched and that even you will be blessed through my gift. I am humbled and happy that I had the opportunity. Enjoy the video below. God Bless.