A Tribute To Stuart Scott (VIDEO)

stuartscottIn the precise words of Stuart Scott,

“When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer,” Scott told the audience. “You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.”

He was the exemplification of his very own words.  He was know to do mixed martial arts training during his chemotherapy treatments.  The people who worked with him said that he would have a hospital treatment and go straight to work, giving us his talent and lively catchphrase, “Boo-yah”.

Let’s get into some highlights of his over twenty year career as a sport anchor.  In 1993 he helped ESPN launch ESPN2, quickly moving up the ranks as one of the network’s main SportsCenter anchors. By 2008,  he anchored late-night SportsCenter shows, hosted Monday Night Countdown on location during the NFL season, served as the lead host for NBA on ESPN and ABC and interviewed Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign.

It was his acceptance speech, in which I started this post with a quote from it; where he truly spoke on what his life meant. It was truly one of his finest moments accepting the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at the 2014 ESPY Awards, this past July.  Fighting through cancer all while perfecting his craft and doting on his daughters, showed true perseverance.  The kind of strength that most people never get the opportunity to be indulged in.

He ended his earthly life January 4, 2015. We feel his perseverance even stronger in his early absence. God bless his two daughters Taelor , 19 and Sydni, 15.

Enjoy his touching speech below!

Inspirational Fix: New Beginnings!

dan headshots new-2In the words of rapper Jay Z: Let me reintroduce myself…………………my name is THE POET! Greeting Poets!  I’m so pleased that we have the gift to share the turn of the year together.  Each New Year brings a freshness and newness that excites us and we dedicate ourselves to elevation in almost every area of our lives.  I know 2015 is no exception and you are pregnant with all of the possibilities and dreams you have for this year.  Poetic Philosophy has recently been wiped out, I literally lost all of my writing for the past three years.  For three days, I was silent, almost numb.  I could not understand why I was not mad over losing my blood, sweat, and tears that I have put into my website.  The answer came so simply today………….new beginning.  I realize it was time for me to step back, readjust, and better this brand that represents me.  I am dedicated to not only entertaining you, but feeding you through my poetry, spirituality, and straight up honesty.  I want you to feel every emotion of my truth, no holds bar.  I believe that our transparency heals people, it allows them to identify and get hope to make it through their own journey.  I also want to share inspiration through other people’s life, I am just thrilled about the relaunch of this site!  So please bare with me poets as I rebuild this site, this is truly OUR new beginnings! I love you, be poetic!