North West Throws Tantrum@ Kanye Show! Checkout Beyoncé & Anna Wintour’s Reaction!



North West stole the show at her father’s first fashion show debuting his new sneaker collection with Adidas Originals in stores on Valentine’s Day.  He hosted his show, right in the middle of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC.  Kanye A list friends (JayZ, Sean Combs, Cassie, Rihanna, Beyonce, Anna Wintour, and his wife Kim Kardashian) decorated the front row.  Talk about supreme support, but it was his almost two year daughter, North West whose cute face stole the show!

Her maternal grandmother, Kris Jenner posted a adorable snap of the toddler having a tantrum!  Anna Wintour eyes were hidden by here huge sunglasses although her body language said it all!  She stiffly shifted her body away from the toddler, while Queen B seemed unfazed (Beyonce also has a toddler…..she gets it).  Kris captioned the picture disclosing that Kim quickly took the tot backstage for a snack before returning to their seats.  The cute tote then posed for adorable pictures through the show, calmly sitting on mom’s lap.

Reported Anna Wintour hit a Devil Wears Prada move and asked why didn’t they leave “it” (referring to North West) backstage.

She is cold as ice and obviously never had children or had a nanny!

Jay Z face looks like, I’m glad we left Blue home!north-tantrum2


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