Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Has Gone Public?!

nicki and meekNicki Minaj has kept her answers coy and mysterious when asked about her association with Meek Mill.  She simply told her audience that she was simply a fan of his and vice versa and the two has collaborated twice on her new album, The Pinkprint.  Well Coincidently, the rapper has went public with her new boo the EXACT same day her ex, Safaree went public with his new boo.  This gets a little messier………………………….nickimeekinsta

So, everyone has concluded that Nick’s song Buy A Heart was about Meek.  A song about passing up on love because she believes he is not ready to commit.  Check the lyrics out:

Rahmeek, I’mma have to tell the truth if I speak
Unless you want to play, you ain’t say this the other day
You said you was in love, and I still didn’t budge
‘Cause I already seen how you be going in when you be in them clubs
(I’m not even sure if this is right but, it feels good)
I could tell you was analyzing me, I could tell you was criticizing me
I could tell you was fantasizing that you would come slide in me and confide in me
He could tell that I was wifey material
He was liking my style in my videos
I wasn’t looking for love I was looking for a buzz
So at times I would lie and say I’m busy, yo
‘Cause its too much, and it’s too clutch
Who wants rumors of the two of us
But when you’re away I can’t get you out of my mind
But what if I met the one and you’re wasting your time
But you waited
So while the two new love birds (It’s not so new) are posting pics on Instagram chilling together, Nicki’s ex of 12 years was spotted with his new boo in LA.  Yes, Safaree (an aspiring rapper/NIcki’s old hypeman) was spotting grabbing dinner with a Calfornia based model name, Candice Brook.  She is a cutie too and the irony is she favors Rihanna, but friends with Karrueche.candace

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