Nick Gordan Bizarre Interview With Doctor Phil ( FULL VIDEO)


I think the world is so interested in this interview with Dr. Phil and Nick Gordan because we are desperate to find out the fate of Bobbi Kristina. For weeks she has been in an induced coma and the world still doesn’t know if Krissy is progressing back to health. We still are trying to piece together the story that lead the late Whitney Houston’s only child into ruin. The Brown family along with so many others believe that Krissy’s self proclaimed husband , Nick Gordan is at fault. Although nothing is confirmed, it has been reported that Krissy had visual bruises of a fight on her body. It is assumed that Nick did it and he went on Dr. Phil for damage control.

Before I dive into this horrific story, I must say after watching this interview I was saddened.. I was saddened about the glimpse into, not only Nick’s life; but Bobbi Kristina. It is obvious that these two young adults are drowining in the world of addiction. Nick speech was slurred, his actions were unpredictable, he when to one extreme to another. At one point he was crying and pleading to doctor Phil that he desperately miss Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina. He repeated asked Dr. Phil sobbingly not to air the footage of him “Crying” and “being weak”. Then he would turn into this defensive, hostile person and threaten to leave. One thing for sure, is that Bobbi Kristina needed an escape from the life she was leading with Nick. It’s sad that the route includes her being in an induced coma. I just pray she will wake up to another chance at life. Check out the interview below.


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