Never Goodbye Poem by Danielle Q. Kinsey

My godmother asked me to write a poem for my godfather from her, after he transitioned from this life. I have witness their love story my entire life, but I felt it in a way I never did before I was given the honor to write this. They have been married forty years, together 45. So, even in his death…………..their love story goes on. I pray I captured love and honor for such an union.

You found the joy to paint me with, where heartbreak left me broken
You found the peace to make me over with, where conflict resided
In my most vulnerable moments, I cry for you
Because the hand that cradled my own for so long has left me
With my strength, the moments guarded only by God
The lingering of our sweetest
Most precious memories
Even the times that served us in the most undesirable ways
I can smile
I can smile because I have experienced you
You where the embodiment of God’s love for me
Through this pain, I will search desperately to find my joy once more
Knowing our love story is still being written
Because as long as I breathe, I carry our love
I will live in our love
Until you hold my hand again, my love

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