Nene Leakes Son Is Ordered To Rehab!


Nene Leakes, professional career has been on the rise since the debut of The Real Housewives of Atlanta years back. The reality star has been a part of a sitcom, starred in Broadway, and now has her own clothing line. This 47- year -old DIVA is living the dream, but she is struggling in her personal life. Her 24- year- old son Bryant is back in trouble with the law.

During the fall of 2014, the 47-year-old reality star’s son, Bryson Bryant, was ordered to jail then rehab. From the court documents obtained by Radar Online, the 25-year-old violated his probation and tested positive for using drugs.

And though this isn’t the first brush in with the law Bryant has encountered, it is the first he’s had since being placed under a one-year probation back in February 2014 for reckless driving and a DUI.

But as a result of failing to meet with his probation officer after four scheduled occasions, testing positive for cocaine during an ordered drug testing, skipping a court-required driving class and refusing to pay a $1,200 fine, resulted in Bryant being sentenced to three months in jail and ordered to partake in a six-week rehab center, which he checked into last week.

Of course, the POET will put in her two cents! I cringe at the backlash that Nene is receiving over her SON’S choices. This young man is an ADULT and his mother is no longer responsible for his actions. Speaking as a mother, I know it pains Nene to watch her son fall victim to the stereotype of young, privileged kid. I pretty sure she has done all she could to protect him from the evitable and I just wish people would think before they cyber bully the star. Good luck to the family.

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