Mariah Carey’s Million Dollar Vegas Deal!?

mariahcareyIt is no secret that 2014 has been hard for the pop diva legend.  She has been going through a divorce from estranged husband, Nick Cannon and been receiving non flattering feedback from fans after recent shows.  She has been accused of losing her voice, just another washed up celebrity.  So, this rumored Vegas deal has breathed life back into the singer’s career.

According to Page Six, Carey is in negotiations to sign a deal for a residency at Caesars Palace in Vegas.  A source says that this deal “could be worth more than Britney Spears’ two-year, $30 million contract.” This suppose to be a two year deal.

When the deal is official the Grammy winning singer will be able to entertain thousands of fans a few times a week.  You can expect to hear hits like “We Belong Together,” “Hero,” “Fantasy,” “Always Be My Baby,”

Well good for Mariah, I wonder if Nick will see any of that money………………….I won’t hold my breath.  I am pretty sure Mariah had that young lad sign a iron clad PRENUP!

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