Love Diaries: Should You Attend Your Ex Girl/Boyfriend/Spouse Wedding?

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I had the most amusing conversation with one of dearest friends about attending an ex’s wedding.  So, I propose a question to my Poets; should you attend the wedding of your ex?

I hope you said NO because I think it is absurd to go to your ex’s wedding; even if you have children with them.  I don’t care how EVOLVED or unbothered you are about your ex, I do not believe it is your place to share in their special day committing to the new love.  Thank about it, if you were rededicating yourself to another, would you want the stares of your spouse’s ex to be your “front and center”  view?  You deserve to have that day to YOURSELF as you unite with your new family.  What reason would you have to attend but to show how well you are doing after the break up?  That day is not for your showing off your new life, figure, or attitude………………so stay home!  If it’s that serious, just enjoy the scenery like most of the world…………..via social media!  It is selfish to want to take part of a day that is not about you or the past you share with that person.  If you share children with the ex, allow the children to take part of the day.  If you really want to be a class act, send a gift/card through the children to show respect of the new union.


Most importantly, to spare your own feeling………..stay home.  You very well could be OVER the ex, but seeing them exchange vows with another one could bring back memories.  You could remember when that person meant that much to you and you shared the same sentiments as the new spouse.  That can bring up feelings of jealousy, even with your good intentions.  Think about, you are watching someone else making nice with a family that you once belonged.  You are watching someone else start a family with someone you started your family with.  You are literally reliving the birth and demise of your relationship while your ex is pledging their life to someone else. You would be watching someone else take your happily ever after……….don’t TORTUE yourself!



Leave the past in the past.  Send your warm regards because there is some silent universal rule…………DON’T GO TO AN EX WEDDING!





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