Love Diaries: Does The Ring Matters!

Love blog picLet’s get right into it!  So, I had the pleasure of meeting a new fiancée who just got engaged two weeks ago.  My sappy reaction wanted to know every detail!  Where were you?  Did he get down on one knee?  Did he ask your father for your hand?  Was it romantic?  And most importantly, let me see the ring girl!

Well, she showed me the ring and the story was not as fairytale as I expected.  The ring was a beauty, but it wasn’t her first one.  See, the actually ring that he presented her with, she did not like it and she forced him to go get one that she liked.  So, my question for you is……………was she wrong for not accepting the ring?

Alright, let me put in my two cents.  See, I found it extrememely rare for a man to put in so much effort ALONE while shopping for his woman’s ring.  He used her favorite style of ring and mixed it with his favorite style.  So, the ring represented both of them, which the marriage should follow in that principle. It also showed that he can take leadership and every woman wants a man who can take control.   I found that sweet, so the hopeless romantic in me would have wore the ring in appreciation and pride because the person whom I was in love with thought so much of pleasing me.   So, I found myself throwing judgemental  darts at this girl.

I think it is so easy to focus on “the ring” or “the wedding” oppose to concentrating on the foundation of the marriage.

Another part of me can respect that she had a voice and could speak up on what she liked.  So many women lose their voice and identity in their spouse or their marriage.  We put a man’s pride in front of our own discernment.  But, that is a bit deeper than the ring…….let’s focus on the issue at hand!

So, Poets should a woman just wear the ring her man buys even if she doesn’t like it?  Or should she express her dismay and head to Kay’s?

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