Ledisi Responds To Grammy Snub! Willie/William Lynch Effect Vs. Diva Move???


beyonceledisiNaysayers had tons to say about the “Grammy Snub” towards soul singer Ledisi!  The fact that Beyonce got to sing the iconic song, Precious Lord, Take My Hand when Ledisi was the one who played Mahalia Jackson’s in the movie Selma.  Automatically, it was expected for the soul singer to be the one to perform it at the Grammys; but Beyonce was chosen to do so.  This is what Ledisi had to say,

I got over that (the disappointment) and I had to look at the positive and empower women. We have to empower each other. It’s a great thing. And one day I’ll be on that Grammy stage. Every artist wants to be on the Grammys stage. That’s part of our career is to be there. So my time will come when it’s time.”


This sensitive topic has stirred up so many emotions as far as African American culture. This is more than Beyonce pulling a diva move to perform the big show. This brings up self predjustice in the African American culture. This stirs up the emotions caused by the Willie or William Lynch effect, where white men gained control over slaves by turning them against one another.  In 2015, is this still being used to cause conflict in our race…..Hell yeah and this dark skin vs light skin thing is the culprit.

It brings up the “light skin versus dark skin debate”. Was Beyonce the desired choice because of her lighter complexion which equals better skin bullshit. The stigma is real, within our OWN race, we believe that darker skin makes us inferior and uglier. This started back in slavery when the white man divided us because of it. The darker slaves were worthless, working strenuously in the fields while lighter slaves had the privilege of working in the house doing less invasive work. The ugly truth is that this tragedy is still very much alive and this is what the fans believe took place with this whole Beyonce versus Ledisi thing. Check out the comment Ledisi gave about the snub, she is truly a class act.

I was able to portray an iconic gospel singer, the queen of gospel Mahalia Jackson. I sang the version she sang… and now we get to see Beyonce sing a song that’s been living forever and to her generation. It’s great. I’m part of a legacy of great women and the Queen of Soul (Aretha Franklin) sang it as well. So I’m a part of that.”


Personally, I believe that Ledisi delivered the song better, that is her niche. Beyonce excels in the whole “pop” genre……twerking and being naked. That is what we know and expect of her. Check out Beyonce’s performance below and give your thoughts. Should Beyonce have gave Ledisi the task of singing the song or why the hell does Beyonce even have the authority?

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