Karrueche Is Letting Iyanla “Fix Her Life” (SNEAK PEAK VIDEO)!



It looks as though, Karrueche has had enough of Chris Brown finally!  This young lady have allowed herself to be put in the line of fire all while just loving a man.  Most women get to “play the fool” privately, but this poor girl has done it in front of the world for the last five years.  We first met the model with the infamous “Chris Brown & Rihanna” love affair.  To the world, she seemed like the other woman.  In all reality, she was the one being cheated on and humiliated while Chris decided to rekindle his relationship with Rihanna after their 2009 domestic case.  (When Chris beat Rihanna up….BIG RED FLAG) .  Since then Chris has went on numerous social media rants disrespecting his ex girlfriend calling her a liar, cheater (messing with Drake), and even exploiting their “many sexual threesomes”.  But, the straw that broke the camel back was Chris fathering a nine month baby with someone Karrueche knew (MESSY). karrandbabymomma

Fast forward and Karrueche has agreed to let Iyanla: Fix My Life  star to literally do that.  Today a clip was released to publicize the special which comes on OWN on March 28,2015 at 8pm.  I don’t know about you, but I will be front and center.  Karrueche is spill Chris tea all over the place.  A part of me does feel like this is just a woman scorn situation, but she has every right to publicly defend herself and share her story.  Sorry Chris! Poets, check out the clip!







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