Kanye West’s Interview On The Breakfast Club Morning Show?! (VIDEO)

kanyecoverKanye covered everything in this interview from his ex Amber Rose, Beck, Taylor Swift, Tyga’s relationship with his 17 year old sister in law, his wife big booty; to him being a hyprocite.  I got the interview for you below, but I have to give you my highlights.

First things first, Kanye is the person that you HATE to LOVE.  He is a complete a$$hole, although his rationalization is almost genius.  He is very precise and calculated and uses his bad boy persona to expand his territory.

The first thing I enjoyed was Kanye speaking on his sit down with Taylor and the way he explained Beyoncé’s “bigger than life” persona outweighing her artistry. Given the reason Beck won Album Of The Year over her.  He claims that the fact she has everything, thus the reason she is not given anything.  Now, the crazy part is that while he was sitting with Taylor, Beck song comes on.  Kanye loves it and resigns from his original thought  of Beck not being “good enough”.  I felt that was the humblest moment that we have captured of the outspoken . He admit that he did not even know of Beck music before making the comment and it was hypocritical.

He also showed humility and that he was holier than thou when he admitted he spoke like a mumble mouth after his car accident because it was hard for the disc jockeys to hear him.

Now, I had to raise my eyebrows when he unintentionally ousted his 17 year old sister in law, Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga (who is 25).  He basically said he was smart because he got in earlier???? Meaning he got to her heart being young and she is more likely to benefit from the family’s fame……..I did not like that and they edited that part out.

He made sure to throw shade at Amber Rose (his ex) for blasting his sister in law Khloe Kardashian for defending her little sister Kylie Jenner for dating Tyga. He said if Kim liked him before Amber, there will be no Amber Rose….SHADE. He also indirectly called her dirty, saying that Kim made him take 30 showers. Really Kanye, your girl got famous on having sex on tape…..and that is clean. Kim Kardashian has dated and had sex with numerous celebrities and Amber is the dirty one. Kanye should have kept it short and cute, dismissing the topic when she came up.

Check out the interview?


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