Inspirational Fix: New Beginnings!

dan headshots new-2In the words of rapper Jay Z: Let me reintroduce myself…………………my name is THE POET! Greeting Poets!  I’m so pleased that we have the gift to share the turn of the year together.  Each New Year brings a freshness and newness that excites us and we dedicate ourselves to elevation in almost every area of our lives.  I know 2015 is no exception and you are pregnant with all of the possibilities and dreams you have for this year.  Poetic Philosophy has recently been wiped out, I literally lost all of my writing for the past three years.  For three days, I was silent, almost numb.  I could not understand why I was not mad over losing my blood, sweat, and tears that I have put into my website.  The answer came so simply today………….new beginning.  I realize it was time for me to step back, readjust, and better this brand that represents me.  I am dedicated to not only entertaining you, but feeding you through my poetry, spirituality, and straight up honesty.  I want you to feel every emotion of my truth, no holds bar.  I believe that our transparency heals people, it allows them to identify and get hope to make it through their own journey.  I also want to share inspiration through other people’s life, I am just thrilled about the relaunch of this site!  So please bare with me poets as I rebuild this site, this is truly OUR new beginnings! I love you, be poetic!

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