Eddie Murphy Refuses To Impersonate Bill Crosby & Crosby Appreciates It!

bill-cosbyneddieEddie Murphy is returning to SNL after years of avoiding the show.  The world is excited to see the comedian grace that stage again, but Former SNL cast member Norm Macdonald revealed on Twitter Wednesday that it was his job to convince Murphy, 53, to impersonate Bill Cosby in the “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch.

But Macdonald, 51, was not successful. And Cosby, 77, is grateful.

I don’t know if Eddie did this to paid homage to an older comedian because he do not believe  the rape allegations. or if he just don’t want to associate his brand with the current scandal.  Either way Mr. Cosby is happy and released this statement,

I am very appreciative of Eddie and I applaud his actions,” Cosby said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.


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