Daily Inspirational Fix: You Can Have Anything You Want! Jenifer Lewis Speech (VIDEO)

jeniferlewisYou do your best and leave the rest”

“You can have anything you want”

“It won’t come over night, you have to do the work”

“I’m done you have to pay me”

“You got to be in it to win in”

“If the elevator to success is broke, take the stairs”

These are just a few of the quotes from this speech that inspired me.  Lately I have been struggling to keep pushing with my dreams of writing and blogging full time.  When doors keep closing in your face, you wonder if you should give up.  I came across this speech by actress Jenifer Lewis and she speaks on never giving up on your passion and if you fail…….get back up again because it is in you.  No one get if fast, when it’s built to last……so keep climbing and fighting. ” Stand in the mirror and love it.  If you don’t, stand there to you do”, it’s all about self confidence and knowing who you are as a human being.  Poets. I pray this inspire you and I’m sure it will make you laugh!


Enjoy the video!



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