Daily Inspirational Fix: When It’s Time To Break Your Silence

cropped-danielleblkandwhite11.jpgAs of lately, God has been showing me some miraculous things.  No, I did not win the lottery or acquire some materialistic fortune.  What I have learned through some of the darkest moments in my life are gems about myself and where my life is heading.  I can’t tell you that I had some AHA moment or when I told myself that it was time to get my life together nor can I tell you that I have it all together now.  I can say that I am better and not the emotional basket case I was months prior.  I had to literally tear down every old structure in my life, to create new ones.  Isn’t it true that insanity is expecting something different, when you are doing the same things?  I could not expect change and greater in my life with the old structures I build years ago.  I knocked down walls in my marriage, relationship with my children, demolished friendships, changed work environment……my life turned into something foreign.  Foreign was good, I actually have never been as in tuned with my own feelings, desire, and soul that I am now.  I thought infertility would be my life’s story…..boy was I wrong.  Danielle is my life’s story and I am just now creating new goals and destinations for myself.  I wish I had all the answers or I could tell you that I am perfected.  I am not, I am just learning how to self serve and nurture who I am.  I am learning that everything I knew to be right, has different meaning.  I am learning how to stop people pleasing, so that God’s will can take center stage.  I am learning to love from a place of unselfishness and pain.  I am living and enjoying this difficult ride……it was time to break my silence,  I understand now that I do have a voice in the darkness.  Poets, I am back and ready to honestly communicate so that we can learned to live out this journey together….and enjoy it.  I love you, be POETIC!

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