Daily Inspirational Fix: How Do You Identify With God?!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   How to you identify with God?  Is he a strict, judgmental torrent who makes life miserable or is he a kind, gentle, and merciful God who showers you with his love and wisdom?  As I went deeper in my thinking with this issue, I realized that the very way we identify with God is most likely how we identify with ourselves.  It dictates the way we treat people and how we navigate through life’s journey.   Think about it, if God serves as this male chauvinist to you, you are more than likely to treat women as though they are inferior to men.  If God is just a religious terrorist to you, then life is this fearful environment and every mistake you make you’re headed to the fire of hell.  You then become this individual who becomes less forgiving of your mistakes and the mistakes of others. God is none of those things.  Yes, he is a God of standards and expectations.  But, he is also a God of mercy and compassion.  We must learn to identify his power with caring for us, not to punish us.  We must learn that his will is to love us unconditionally and in turn we must do the same.  I use to identify God as this huge force, who wanted to punish me.  Why else would my life be filled with so much darkness, grief, and sadness?  It wasn’t until I had to deal with infertility, which allowed my perception of him to change.  See, overcoming infertility was the one prayer that I felt he answered.  It took years and force growth to give birth and learn just why I had to experience it.  Thus, it answered almost every question I had dealing with all the trauma I had to endure as a young girl.  God became REAL, he became this man who did not want to punish me; but heal me.  So, my newfound revelation of him allowed me to really want to learn who he was.  A sense of excitement begin to rage in me and I wanted to LIVE instead of exist.  I wanted to break out my shell and tell the world just how much God meant to me.  He became my strength, my good place, and my answer. So today, I want you to think about how you identify to God.  Is he just a church service that is boring and irrelevant or is he your creativity in life?  It is important for you to know, so you can get to the root of who you are and your role in this journey of life. I love you, be poetic!

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