Daily Inspirational Fix: God As Mother!


I have been reading this booked, Approaching God by Lisa Repko Borden. It talks about recognizing God as our father, mother, friend, and even as an artist. Today, I want to focus on how God loves us from a motherly aspect. Being a mother of small children, with my youngest being only six months old; it warmed my soul to know God is aware of me as I am my children. Isn’t it an awesome task to sit and think about God’s intimate perception of us? When I think of my children, I think of beautiful beings that I want to nurture, love on, and protect to my full capacity. God loves each of us that way and here are a few reminders!

Firstly, a mother is physically, emotionally, and spiritually aware of her child’s presence. Even the bible tells us in Jeremiah 5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart”. God was fully aware of us before we was even a thought! How special does that makes you feel to know he is aware of every little thing about our existence. Earthly mothers are aware of our children at the moment we find out that we are pregnant. We spend nine months attaching our spirits, emotions, and love to this special gift. To know that God is as excited to be a part of my world is tremendously comforting to my heart.

Secondly, a mother is the source of life and nurture during the critical months of gestation. A woman sacrifices her body, comfort, and in some cases her life in pregnancy and childbirth. Well, Christ did the same for us. He literally sacrificed his earthly existence to make sure we had life.

This revelation as God loving us with a motherly love, gives me a newfound appreciation for the way God loves his children. His love is tender and unconditional from this aspect and we all have the desire to be SEEN and LOVED. We all need a mother’s love and we can find it in God.


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