Daily Inspirational Fix: Forgiveness Is Not An Option, But A Mandate!


I have been during the strenuous task of pulling back the layers of my present life and past to excel in my future. Really become the person that God has made me to be.  I asked God to reveal things in myself that is unpleasing to him, so that I can go into new friendships, relationships, and business partnerships free of the debris that has clouded my thinking, emotions, and ambitions.  I want to be renewed in my womanhood, parenting, and business ventures. I want all my Poets to be freed from baggage that prevents them from living their full potential.  So, I must be healed of all the things that has wounded me.  One thing that has been brought to my attention and I am certain that someone too has this same issue……………….UNFORGIVENESS!

When we decide to be a citizen of God’s Kingdom, trying our best to live our lives to his will; we must know that unforgiveness is not an option.  Forgiveness is a MANDATE.  That means that it’s an official order from God himself.  We are to forgive those who have hurt, shamed, disrespected, and taunted us.  Christ showed us this example in his journey to the cross to save us from death and sin.  He was beaten, spit on, taunted, and abuse, just for our redemption.  He loved us without thought of self and this selfless act is our prime example to follow in his footsteps with forgiving the ones who hurt us.  Not only must we forgive others, we must forgive ourselves and understand we are worthy to get it right despite our past sins.  We have no choice but to mend relationships that once left us broken.  We must reconcile with our brother whom may abused us or our sister who have slandered our name.  In the larger picture of live, forgiveness heals hurt, pain, violence, and cruel thoughts.

So today, it is important for you to understand that existing in unforgiveness makes God word VOID, and that can never happen.  So, we must operate in forgiveness at all times, even when it is uncomfortable.  This heals our hearts and allows us to form relationships without fear of being hurt.  It reminds us that hope is alive and we do not have to dwell in misery.  I love you and be POETIC!

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