Kim Kardashian Body Makes Internet Waves………Again!

kim naked againMiddle fingers up and guess who don’t give a Fu$&!
Well, it’s Kim Kardashian West! This woman has done it again, setting gigantic, internet waves with releasing another nude selfie. This time she had a sidekick, model Emily Ratajkowski and they was serving perfectly implanted boobs. Kim captioned the photo with:

When we’re like…we both have nothing to wear LOL @emrata,” on Twitter.

Apparently, this is news!

Masika Kalysha and Fetty Wap Welcomes A Baby Girl!

0329-masika-wm-3It looks like Fetty Wap ONE eye will be filled with tears because according to TMZ……the rapper and former Love and Hip Hop star Masika Kalysha welcomed a baby girl on March 29. The baby name is Khari Barbie Maxwell, born 7lbs and 1 oz. Fetty Wap, despite the estranged couple’s social media war over the paternity of the baby just months prior…………was in attendance for the birth. I am glad they have adopted an united force for the child.

SN: I wonder if Young Byrd sent follows to the parents………….don’t hold your breath!


Poetic Views! Friendship In Your 30’s

pic of girlfriends
I am a girl’s girl and my relationship with my girlfriends in my 20’s was vital to my existence as a woman, mother and wife. They were my cool, summer breeze from the suffociation of my responsibilities. So, when I came across a Facebook article diving into the commandments of maintaining friendships in your thirties……………………I was all over it! I came up with my Top Five POETIC COMMANDMENTS in dealing with friendships in your thirties!

COMMANDMENT 1: Evalute Your friendships!

Now, before I start giving you demands on your friendships; you have to make sure that you have healthy healthy relationships. You are WORTHY to have the best, most influential relationships in your life including relationships. Usually, when one hits the BIG 30; you find this new since of liberty. You want to flourish in your life and the indecisiveness you was filled with in your 20’s is no longer an option. Now that you know who you are or simply know the steps to get there, you must surround yourself with friendship with likeminded people to help get you to your better. So, before I start friendship theologies, make sure you are secure in yourself and able to work a two way friendship!

COMMANDMENT 2: The Silent Treatment is DEAD
It is fair to say that in my twenties, I lacked the necessary , positive communication skills to uphold my friendships. If my sister friend offended me, I would simply cut her off leaving her to take my silence as a secret revenge. AIN”T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! So. If you have a problem with your friend, SPEAK on it. Learn to argue the right way. I’m not talking about a screaming match that ends in involving mutual girlfriends to take a side………………I’m talking about talking through it and agreeing to disagree if a resolution is not found. OPEN your mouth and get through it. Real friendship turn into families, that is worth fighting for.

COMMANDMENT 3: Invest In The Relationship
I understand the responsibility of parenthood, marriage, relationship, work………………we all have tons of CRAP to do. But, no one wants an existence without fun, healthy interaction. Your friends should serve as a enhancement to your life. So, when you are having an off day with your mate; they are there to talk you off the ledge or even intervene if you are in a dangerous situation. My point is, we have to make time for our friendships investing time and resources. That means you should be communicating with your friend on a regular basis. No one is too busy to send a text or email or to plan a monthly dinner date. You should be involve in your friend’s life supporting their business endeavors and personal life. I can recall not even knowing my once best friend was going through a separation at the SAME DAMN time I was going through a divorce. Because, our communication was strain we missed valuable time to help one another through crisis! Don’t be a M.I.A friend.

COMMANDMENT 4: Social Media is Not Your REAL Friend
I absolutely despise when I post something positive on social media and my so call friend use that as an excuse to instant message me instead of calling me. We are REAL friends, this internet bull crap is strictly for networking and encouraging other people. A real friend makes intimate strives to reach you and this should be done through open communication. If you can only speak to me through Facebook, Instagram, or any other public form… should be my FAN and not my real FRIEND.

COMMANDMENT 5: Enjoy Your Friendships

Life is suppose to be abundantly joyful and rich. Who wants to go through life miserably when we already live in a society who intended for us to live that way. Your friendship and any other relationship should be a source of joy. Spending quality time with your friends, enjoying new things is what life is all about. Grab some girlfriends and go to a winery and stomp grapes… guys might of well learn to make your own because ya’ll go through five bottles on a girls night. You might as well gas up the hummer and take a road trip to your favorite city or a place you never been. Live life! Small things and quality times build bonds. In this life you need strong bonds and healthy attachments!

If this blog don’t make you want to call that friend you haven’t talk to because of some pettiness… need to dig deeper! Enjoy friendships, do the work, and reap the benefits from the fairy friendship GODMOTHER!

Inspirational Fix: The Importance of Self Realization


One of the positive aspects of divorce or any major life transition is relishing in a new beginning and journey. One major aspect of my spirituality that I have discovered in my transition from marriage to single hood is self realization. Webster’s definition is “the fulfillment of one’s own potential”. I love this…… discovering my own power has been the best realization of my short 31 years here on earth. Trivial matters that once shook my whole world are only proof that the authority I have over my mind will carry me through any scare or tribulation. I use to think my world would end if I did not have the support of once important people, only to find kindred souls who identify with my vulnerability. I once would lose my mind if I did not have at least one thousand dollars in my bank account, now I’m calm knowing that money recycles and it will make its way back around to envelope me. Religion once plaque my life with routine and visiting churches that left me confused and mentally attacked. Now, I wear my spirituality as a crown and following Christ’s principles with love and service to others….outweighs any religious abuse. At one time, staying trapped in a marriage past its expiration date because the picture “looked good” oppose to letting people see the mental and spiritual death of my being take place was my life. I say all this to say, that true change comes with realizing your own strength, power, and authority. If you still have breath in your body, no matter your mistakes….you have the gift of self realization. Today, choose to fulfill your own personal accomplishment and discover the inner strength you have inside of yourself! Each day work towards being just a little more poetic!

Love Diaries: Giving Up Your Power In Love/Relationship

Love blog pic

If you are anything like The POET, losing your voice, perceptions, and yourself in loving someone is the ultimate NO NO. Similar to most, I have been in a long term relationship, where taking care of myself was put on the back burner, only to make my whole world about my spouse. I lost my desire to care for myself properly and to nurture myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically. So, losing your power in a relationship is a valid concern.

Independence is a great quality, there is nothing like knowing you can take care of yourself. The only thing, it can cause a problem in a relationship. A relationship is about unity and compromising, the complete opposite of being independent!   You ignore your natural urge to navigate through your life in exactly the manner you wish to; having to consider someone else’s feelings. So, is it a way to exist fairly in a relationship, while making yourself top priority?

I have to say YES! But, it will take two, complete person to make this work. I think that the two people in the relationship have to both have the experience of being in a relationship where they felt they lost their voice/power. Most importantly, they have to understand the power dynamic in a relationship. You know what that is! There is usually the person that pull all the strings, and pretty much control everything from the big decisions do the daily chores. This usually makes the superior person selfish and the inferior person quite resentful. So, if two mature adults can work towards healthy positive confrontation, this can make all the difference in the power struggle in a relationship. So, if one feels as though one is being unfair, the other can effectively pull the other up on their power tripping ………..Hence, the couple can work together in the power issue and maintain self-gratification. So, both persons don’t have to fight for the higher ground, all while staying on their own personal ground!

To sum it up, I think giving up your power in a relationship can turn into the sharing of power in a mature relationship. You can keep your independence and self-care all while being in complete love with another being. This sounds like the perfect love, right? Poets, what do you think? Can you be independent and still exist in a great partnership?

Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden Has Married! Shotgun VS True Love!




Wow!  Talk about a whirlwind romance.  This couple has only been dating seven months, engaged only one month and they are reportedly set to marry tonight.  Us Weekly magazine  exclusively reported that Diaz, 42 and her fiancé Benji Madden were getting married on Monday, Jan. 5, 2105.


The rumors were correct because Diaz is Benji’s Bride! 

Let me give you a breakdown of the day:

Prior to the ceremony, the couple got ready in separate rooms — with Diaz, 42, and her bridesmaids Nicole Richie (her new sister-in-law!), Drew Barrymore, her older sister Chimene Cain, and Diaz’s assistant Jesse Lutz getting their makeup done by Lona Vigi. Madden, 35, and his groomsmen Josh and Joel Madden changed into their black tuxes. Madden gave his bride a special note that she received just before the vows and Madden requested to be alone 30 minutes after the ceremony because it’s a Jewish tradition. The event, which was planned by Yifat Oren and Stefanie Cove, featured a Jewish ceremony on a stage set up inside of Diaz’s home. The bridesmaids wore black dresses and carried white bouquets, entering the room to a Ryan Adams song. Benji’s nephew Sparrow Madden, the 5-year-old son of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, was the couple’s ring bearer. Diaz entered to “Stardust” by Nat King Cole. She wore a gown with a low-cut back and lots of sparkle.

An officiant presided over the service, reading the seven blessings for the couple. When the time came for the pair to exchange rings, Benji accidentally dropped his, and the 100 guests laughed along with the bridal party. To seal the deal — as is custom in a Jewish ceremony — Madden stepped on and broke a glass as the crowd shouted, “Mazel Tov!” After the vows, Madden requested personal time with Diaz, during which they entered a private room for about 30 minutes, asking not to be disturbed — a Jewish wedding ritual known as Yichud.

Guests, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Samantha Ronson, Lionel Richie, Toni Collette, Nancy Juvonen, Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, and Robin Antin, enjoyed a cocktail hour in the backyard’s outdoor tent, which was decorated with olive trees, linen tablecloths, and beeswax candles. The newlyweds soon joined their friends and family in the tent, giving a welcome toast.

The couple was introduced by Madden’s sister in law, Nicole Richie.  Both Diaz and Madden are known to be serial daters, being leaked to several celebrities.  It seems like the two have met their match or maybe Diaz is really feeling the tick of her biological clock.  Anyhoo, it seemed to be a spiritual, heartfelt ceremony.  Diaz is on serious baby bump watch, I have keen sense that she already has a bun in the oven!  Hence the shotgun wedding and religious expectations!  I don’t think you can be a Jew and have a bastard child!