Episode 14/Sistagirl Sessions With Danielle: The Sistagirl Code…..Or Lack Of!

It seems as though the male species stay true to the, BRO CODE! Don’t act as if you don’t know what that means. It means……. don’t snitch, gossip, or comment on another’s man situation………..well not the real ones anyway. But, sistagirls are another story! We will blast a woman for doing something we are doing or have done…..effin hypocrites! Enjoy the show, Trash Talk, music, and poetic fix! Check it out below!

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Episode 13 of Sistagirl Sessions With Danielle! TRASH TALK SUNDAY!

I hope you enjoy my podcast this week, just me and my SISTAGIRLS talking about hot topics! I sounded off on Wendy Williams throwing major shade to Paris Jackson, Paula & Robin fighting over the baby, The New Edition movie, the death of Mary Tyler Moore, Serena’s history making weekend, and Donald Trump’s antics ( IT IS STILL HARD TO PUT PRESIDENT IN FRONT OF HIS NAME). Enjoy the soulful music and the “What’s in Dani’s bag” segment. LISTEN BELOW!

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A Very, Merry Sistagirl Christmas!

I enjoyed my Holiday show and thank all my social media family for joining my live feed! The comments and personal philosophies you share is what fuels the show! I learn from my sistagirls and vice versa, I AM HERE FOR THE RAWNESS! I always give my unadulterated truth and except nothing less from my sistagirls!
God bless your holiday season. Keep your energy clear, clean, and positive. Set the intention of no letting materialism fuel your holiday and empty your wallets.

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