Bobbi Kristina Update?! Will She Pull Through?


It has been a few minor developments of this story, but very little because the media/fellow celebrities has honor the family’s request to keep this matter privately and concentrate on the recovery of Bobbi Kristina who is daughter of the late Whitney Houston and singer Bobby Brown.  These are no main developments. Although, some outlets are reporting that the family has took her off of life support and preparing to say goodbye.


  1.  Bobbi Kristina has shown some bodily functions with opening and shutting her eyes, reported by countless media outlets.  It has been told to the family not to read too much into it, but the family is still requesting prayers for the young lady.
  1. Max Lomas (longtime friend), who was on the scene when Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unresponsive in her tub on Saturday, Jan. 31, has broken his silence about the tragic incident via a just-released statement from his lawyer, Philip A. Holloway. In it, Holloway explains Lomas’ role in the situation and addresses recent reports about his criminal past.bobby


Contrary to what’s been reported, my client, Max Lomas, was the person who first discovered Bobbi Kristina and called 911,” Holloway tells Us Weekly. “My client wants nothing more than to see a full recovery. He and Krissi have been friends for many, many years, and he is absolutely devastated and prays for her immediate recovery.”


Many are speculated that Lomas was Krissy’s pusher because just this past January he was charged with having drugs with the intention to distribute it.  It raises quite a few eyebrows, since it was reported that no drugs was visible in the house.  Regardless, I’m pretty sure that it not good for Krissy to be around other people suffering from substance abuse also.  I can only pray that this young woman pull through, and create a life for herself away from the demons that chase her and also her late mother.

  1.  Celebrity friend Kelly Price acknowledged Bobbi Kristina and urges everyone to pray for her.  An emotional Kelly Price opened Wednesday, Feb. 4’s For the Love of R&B: a Tribute to Whitney Houston pre-Grammy party in Hollywood with a heartfelt plea for everyone to keep Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina in her prayers as she “fights for her life.”


Price, who was a long-time pal of Houston, performed what would become the multi-award winning musician’s final duet with her good friend at the same pre-Grammy party in 2012. And last night, as she prepared to honor her late friend, Price’s thoughts were genuine,


Being careful to respect Bobby Brown’s requests that his daughter’s condition remain private, Price made use of her platform to garner as many prayers as she could for her late friend’s daughter.bobbikris3

Bobbi Kristina is in the hospital and her condition is very serious,” she said as she opened the show. “I will say this one thing and this one thing only: Please continue to pray for her as she fights for her life. She is a young woman who deserves a chance to live and to thrive and experience the greatness that is inside of her and come into her own,” she continued. “I will ask you all to say a prayer. If prayer is not your thing, send love. Send your love and well wishes to the entire family.”

  1.  Bobby Brown’s lawyer has indeed proved that Nick Gordan and Bobbi Kristina were never married.


I will continue to follow this story and pray for this young women’s recovery.

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