Bobbi Kristina Hospitalized & In Coma

bobbikris2 bobbikris3 It’s days shy of the three year mark of Whitney Houston’s tragic death.  The legendary singer died in a hotel bathing tub right before a pre Grammy event due to drowning and drug use. Fast forward three years and her now 21 year old daughter is in a coma due to being found unconscious in a bath tub………………..EERIE.  It is unclear how the young, aspiring entertainer got into this condition although many speculate that drugs or/and alcohol paid a part.  This young girl has been dealing with substance abuse for years now and has reportedly been in rehab also.  I find this story so sad and dark.  We have watch this girl parents struggle in the spotlight for decades now and I’m pretty sure Whitney and Bobby wanted different for their own daughter.  Was she doomed from the beginning with both parents exposing her to that fast paced life style?bobbikriswhitbobbi

People magazine is reporting that Bobbi Kristina is in a Georgia and has not regain consciousness.  She is on a respirator, with very little brain activity. A source has reported that Bobby Brown is inconsolable as efforts continue to keep his daughter alive.  It has also been reported that the Houston and Brown families has come together to pray and support Bobbi Kristina.  It truly sucks that a situation as tragic as this brought them together, nevertheless I am pretty certain they must be on one accord.

I truly hope this young life gets another chance to get it right. She is married to Nick Gordan, the couple was married in early 2014.  Their turbulent relationship was documented on the family’s docu-series, The Houston: On Our Own.  The reality show chronicled the family as they tried to carry on just six months after Whitney’s untimely demise.  We watched the then 19 year old battle substance abuse, cloudy judgment, sadness, depression, and a bizarre relationship with her then boyfriend.

God bless Bobbi Kristina!



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