Bare Feet On Earth (Poem by Danielle Q Kinsey)

by Justin Carney

I feel lost today
Don’t know who I am today
I have not an inkling of where to go
And the past seems so far away
The truth is, that’s a place I don’t belong
But I have been there before and that is more comforting than the unknown
Or the feelings I am sitting in
Crotch down, fetal position
I’m a hot mess today
Only if I could crawl out this prison to put my bare feet on the earth
Close my eyes
Get loss in the coolness of the stones
Or feel the grass tickle the crevices between my toes
I am so lost today
Just let me walk bare footed
Let me feel the earth shift under my feet
Shifting my own perception
Losing all that hurts me
Let my bare feet run without ambition
Run until that get weary
Run until I drained the poison and my lungs give out
Let me run until I find me again

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