Finding Your Purpose. (My Diary Of Transition)

by Justin Carney

I had the most enlightening experience when I took part in corporate worship about three weekends ago. I hide nothing from my Poets, so I must tell you that this was a huge step for me. I have not taken part in corporate worship in over three years after having a heartbreaking experience in church. I was going through a divorce at the time and to make a long story short; I was shun and made to feel guilty for deciding to move past my marriage. I was very fragile at the time and doing my best to nurture my three young children through the transition, which was no easy task. I was an emotional mess, I had so many feelings of guilt and relief. I was relieved that my marriage was over and finally ready to take on the emotional turmoil that assisted that decision. I felt guilty because it was no way to get myself or children through this without the pain of change, confrontation, and brutal honesty. After a sister and brother of a church told me I was wrong for leaving a man who is trying to hold his family together, I decided never to return. See, they witness my ex desperate to make a half ass, luster attempt to stop me from rebuilding my life without him. Little did they know, I was just a meal ticket. I was his cushion in his big, bad world that he did not want to face alone. Instead of building me up and seeing what got us to this place, I was told to shut up and take whatever he had for me. Even, if it wasn’t right.

I began to blame the God that I was taught to fear. I blamed the black church and Christianity for tricking me into a form of slavery. I blame my mother and every hypocritical Christian who believed a woman had no identity but to be a man’s wife. Even if he was eternally lost. Even if he had no idea on how to lead himself. I was not falling for it, religion no longer serve me or could get me closer to God. It seemed as the Christian agenda was something I grown to respect through obedience, but as a woman who life was about to be shredded to pieces….
It served little purpose. I was on a mission to discover who I was trying to be, who I was choosing to be, and who God was to me.
I left the black church.
I left all preconceptions.
I left my mother’s idea of who God was.
I left the hypocritical stance of any religion.
I research the origins of many religions.
I came to my own conclusion that God was a divine source. That God was beyond gender or human understanding. God was bigger than any “BOX” human have contained his vastness. God is the source of life, love, light, and nature. I found her in my intense need of nurture when my own mother abandon me because she disagreed with the love I found in a woman. I found him in the very sword I slayed evil principalities and demons with. God became more than pages that another human manipulated. I began to love people who hated me. I begin to live openly and boldly. I begin to find grace in everything. I prayed all day. I burned sage, honored my ancestors, and rebuked any demonic force that showed it’s ugly head. I found my purpose.

I am on earth to be transparent with my thoughts, beliefs, and love. I am here to encourage and connect. I am here to be a friend who listens and helps in any way I can. Do you know your purpose? Have you experienced something that destroyed ever thing you built just to find freedom? If you have, I know you have an inkling of what you was put here to do. I love you and thank you for reading my little old words!

Never Goodbye Poem by Danielle Q. Kinsey

My godmother asked me to write a poem for my godfather from her, after he transitioned from this life. I have witness their love story my entire life, but I felt it in a way I never did before I was given the honor to write this. They have been married forty years, together 45. So, even in his death…………..their love story goes on. I pray I captured love and honor for such an union.

You found the joy to paint me with, where heartbreak left me broken
You found the peace to make me over with, where conflict resided
In my most vulnerable moments, I cry for you
Because the hand that cradled my own for so long has left me
With my strength, the moments guarded only by God
The lingering of our sweetest
Most precious memories
Even the times that served us in the most undesirable ways
I can smile
I can smile because I have experienced you
You where the embodiment of God’s love for me
Through this pain, I will search desperately to find my joy once more
Knowing our love story is still being written
Because as long as I breathe, I carry our love
I will live in our love
Until you hold my hand again, my love

Poetry In Motion: Fucked Up World by Jussie Smollett (Video)

I don’t know if it’s my grief taking president of my emotions…………….
Talk about being “WOKE”!
Jussie Smollett crashed that aphorism and his creativity captivates your attention in this musical display of our current situation.
Racism, inequality, hatred, women rights, homophobia, regression, murder, and TRUMP.
I wanted to share this poetry in motion with my poets.

Bare Feet On Earth (Poem by Danielle Q Kinsey)

by Justin Carney

I feel lost today
Don’t know who I am today
I have not an inkling of where to go
And the past seems so far away
The truth is, that’s a place I don’t belong
But I have been there before and that is more comforting than the unknown
Or the feelings I am sitting in
Crotch down, fetal position
I’m a hot mess today
Only if I could crawl out this prison to put my bare feet on the earth
Close my eyes
Get loss in the coolness of the stones
Or feel the grass tickle the crevices between my toes
I am so lost today
Just let me walk bare footed
Let me feel the earth shift under my feet
Shifting my own perception
Losing all that hurts me
Let my bare feet run without ambition
Run until that get weary
Run until I drained the poison and my lungs give out
Let me run until I find me again

Sir & Rumi Carter Makes Their Debut On Momma Beyonce’s Instagram! (PHOTO INSIDE)

And so is the Beyhive!
In the wee hours of Friday morning, July 14, BeyoncĂ© graced us with the first pictures of her newborn twins. The cuties was born only a month prior and if I can set the scene before you look at the picture…………..
She is spilling the same sauce she spilled in February during her maternity shoot revealing the twin pregnancy! The picture’s backdrop is gorgeous. blue water and colorful flowers (I’m guessing the shoot’s location is that $400,000.00 a month, Malibu rental!) BeyoncĂ© has that motherly glow as she stuns in a purple, floral Palomo Spain ensemble. She cradles Sir and Rumi in her arms as she serves top model face!

I can’t leave without paying homage to that flat tummy Bey, we see you girl! She was doing more than drinking that Flattummy tea chile!

Congratulations to the Carters on healthy, beautiful babies!

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Until me meet again my loves
I am completely in love with all of you