Kim Kardashian: Blushing Bride or Professional Gold Digger?

Contrary to the blunt title, I’m a fan of the whole Kardashian clan; but I can’t help but to think that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries upcoming nuptials is all about the big paycheck!  There is no secret (especially if your secret indulgent is watching,” Keeping Up With The Kardashinans”), that the matriarch of the Kardashian clan; Kris Jenner, works diligently to secure the financial security of her children.  In other words, she pimps them to the highest bidder.  Look, I don’t knock anyone’s hustle, but the truth is that this Kardashian clan was introduced to “new money”(They are not strangers to wealth, their father is the late Robert Kardashian; who was the infamous defense lawyer for OJ Simpson) when Kim inked a settlement for leaking out her sex tape with singer, Ray J.  Even though, it was a business savvy decision because she has made millions of dollars and brought her family with her to financial success; but she is no different from a prostitute.  I only say this because a prostitute sells sex and she did exactly that and I mean that in the most, “I can’t hate on you”  type of way. 

It is quite coincidently, that the Kardashian clan has chosen ballers, while Khloe locked down Lamar Odom (play for the L.A. Lakers) after a two-week courtship in 2009. Her mother made sure that she inked a hefty prenup agreement, which took weeks to complete after the wedding.  Kourtney, isn’t married to her beau/baby daddy; but it is no secret that Scott Disick comes from a very wealthy family.  Now, Ms. Kimmy is set to marry a baller (Kris Humphries, play for the N.J. Nets)  and I’m pretty sure a hefty prenup is in store for her anticipated nuptials.  And, let’s not forget that this wedding will premiere on E! in early October; I’m pretty sure Kim and Kris will be paid handsomely. Oh, and please don’t forget the “momanager, Kris Jenner”, ten percent.  These women are professional gold diggers, maybe us common women need to take notes! Poets, I’m curious to know if you think that the Kardashian women are business savvy or just plain money hungry?

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2 Responses to Kim Kardashian: Blushing Bride or Professional Gold Digger?

  1. kris jenner is a sick sick gold digger the bitch lives breaths money she has orgasms at the sight of a penny she is the worsyt of all criminals the b***h the b***h the b***h

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