Bare Feet On Earth (Poem by Danielle Q Kinsey)

by Justin Carney

I feel lost today
Don’t know who I am today
I have not an inkling of where to go
And the past seems so far away
The truth is, that’s a place I don’t belong
But I have been there before and that is more comforting than the unknown
Or the feelings I am sitting in
Crotch down, fetal position
I’m a hot mess today
Only if I could crawl out this prison to put my bare feet on the earth
Close my eyes
Get loss in the coolness of the stones
Or feel the grass tickle the crevices between my toes
I am so lost today
Just let me walk bare footed
Let me feel the earth shift under my feet
Shifting my own perception
Losing all that hurts me
Let my bare feet run without ambition
Run until that get weary
Run until I drained the poison and my lungs give out
Let me run until I find me again

Sir & Rumi Carter Makes Their Debut On Momma Beyonce’s Instagram! (PHOTO INSIDE)

And so is the Beyhive!
In the wee hours of Friday morning, July 14, BeyoncĂ© graced us with the first pictures of her newborn twins. The cuties was born only a month prior and if I can set the scene before you look at the picture…………..
She is spilling the same sauce she spilled in February during her maternity shoot revealing the twin pregnancy! The picture’s backdrop is gorgeous. blue water and colorful flowers (I’m guessing the shoot’s location is that $400,000.00 a month, Malibu rental!) BeyoncĂ© has that motherly glow as she stuns in a purple, floral Palomo Spain ensemble. She cradles Sir and Rumi in her arms as she serves top model face!

I can’t leave without paying homage to that flat tummy Bey, we see you girl! She was doing more than drinking that Flattummy tea chile!

Congratulations to the Carters on healthy, beautiful babies!

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Bae Birthday!



I am overjoyed for what God is bringing to fruition! I have learned a long time ago that patience is KEY and anything I set my mind to do………..I will do! It is my dream to revamp my whole brand and look of my website. For almost ten years, I have been doing this singlehandedly and now I know that I have to trust God and the right people to help me convey my message. And that is okay with me, so I will not be posting while I continue to make this website great. When you see it again, it will be beautiful and offer all of the new products I have to share with my Poets. Thank you for your support and I can’t wait to share with you all in the summer of 2017!

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Until me meet again my loves
I am completely in love with all of you


Vlog/Weekly Update On My Weightloss Journey! I’m DOWN Six Pounds! (VIDEO)

Poets, I am appreciative that you guys have invested in my weight loss journey! It started off as a competition alongside my closest friends, but it is slowly becoming a lifestyle change. I am learning to be open to different, healthier foods. I actually take time now to see what is in my food through the packaging and found myself putting it down and creating my own dishes! This week exercising have been a challenge, nevertheless I use my KHLOE Kardashian BODY vision board to keep me motivated! I pray your journey is becoming easier I will see you next Wednesday for an update.

Episode 14/Sistagirl Sessions With Danielle: The Sistagirl Code…..Or Lack Of!

It seems as though the male species stay true to the, BRO CODE! Don’t act as if you don’t know what that means. It means……. don’t snitch, gossip, or comment on another’s man situation………..well not the real ones anyway. But, sistagirls are another story! We will blast a woman for doing something we are doing or have done…..effin hypocrites! Enjoy the show, Trash Talk, music, and poetic fix! Check it out below!

Listen to “The Sistagirl Code or Lack Of!!!!!” on Spreaker.

Episode 13 of Sistagirl Sessions With Danielle! TRASH TALK SUNDAY!

I hope you enjoy my podcast this week, just me and my SISTAGIRLS talking about hot topics! I sounded off on Wendy Williams throwing major shade to Paris Jackson, Paula & Robin fighting over the baby, The New Edition movie, the death of Mary Tyler Moore, Serena’s history making weekend, and Donald Trump’s antics ( IT IS STILL HARD TO PUT PRESIDENT IN FRONT OF HIS NAME). Enjoy the soulful music and the “What’s in Dani’s bag” segment. LISTEN BELOW!

Listen to “Trash Talk Sunday!” on Spreaker.

Vlog: Day One of My Weight loss Journey!

So, I decided to document my 12- week weight loss journey for my POETS! My brand is my openness, so I wanted to let you all in on this very personal journey. I battled obesity since childhood and at the age of 27 decided to undergo gastric bypass weighing in at 350 at my heaviest. I also battled hypertension, type 2 diabetes, depression, and sleep paralysis. I lost over one hundred pounds, but still struggle to my goal weight of 180 (I’m 5’10… that is 150 in the skinny bish vocabulary! So, journey with me and I pray it inspires you to fight towards yours weight loss dreams! Lets kick obesity’s ASS!

Enjoy my video diary!